During this point I was fed another excuse by the “Customer Experience Manager” that, “We actually don’t do our own Titling, it is done by an outside company.” In an effort to get to the bottom of this, I began by requesting a receipt from the enterprise employee designated the “Licence and Title Clerk”. At the end of the first month our temporary tags ran out and we called up the office to get new plates. However, the thoughts came crashing down when three weeks ago, we purchased a Recreational Vehicle. Realizing that this could be possible, I decided to call the TX Department of Motor Vehicles. I asked if there was a backlog due to COVID and she said, “Their isn’t backlog honey, Texas DMV didn’t shut down, we are just workin’ from home.” By the way, Ford fusion 2013 in ghana still the most pleasant DMV experience I have ever had.

She called me about a week later, still January, to assure me that this was being handled, and I could expect great customer service from here on out. My next call to the woodbridge facility was much more pointed and I asked for evidence of the transaction with DMV. By January I was in quite a state and I when I called the office and spoke to them the Customer Experience Manager of the car sales division informed me that it was due to COVID. In under a week we got a confirmation email from the great state of Texas asking us if we want to purchase vanity plates for our new VIN# So, I am unsure whom to complain to at this point as we are on our 7th set of temporary paper license plates. Want to share your experience with this dealership?

The second month the same thing occurred. They informed me that they had not received any application for the VIN in question. Being in the military and having a great affinity for continuing to support our home state of Texas we completed the purchase of a 2019 Ford Fusion.

This was where the positive experiences ended. We did all the paperwork and paid the extra money it takes to register and receive Texas plates. She responded by saying she had nothing to show me because they didn't provide anything. Her response in the negative was astounding. Truly, you cannot buy a bag of peanuts these days without getting an e receipt or invoice.

While I was angry, I still desperately clung to the idea that these people were doing the best they could and I must be missing something. I am unclear what more I can do other than this complaint. I am sure by now enough of you know that this is simply not the case. They were happy to oblige, but I had to drive down there 45 minutes to get them.

The third month the same thing occurred. So, the saga continued of me calling the DMV and then calling her asking for proof.

Enterprise Car Sales – Woodbridge


p>A dealership’s rating is calculated by averaging its lifetime reviews. I thought they must have honorable intent. 26 March 2021 Dear Potential Purchaser, In mid-September 2020, we purchased a vehicle from the Enterprise car sales in Woodbridge, VA.

So, I waited a few weeks and again emailed my new best friend at the TXDMV to ask if anything has come into the database on my VIN. So, I again asked the Title Clerk to forward me a receipt from TXDMV showing the submission.

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